About Oormani Angadi

Oormani Angadi (Hometown’s Shop in Kundagannada) is Kundapura’s First ever online store.

Oormani Angadi is a ForthFocus™ Group Web Asset and collaborative effort of ForthFocus Group, Kundapura Trolls, and Alka Creations

It’s a tribute to the most beautiful, short & sweet form of Kannada, That is Kundagannada or Kundapra Kannada dialect. We are pakka local, young, passionate, fun loving, boozy & Jugaadu. This is the underlying philosophy that guides us when we think about our content, products, and services.

Using our favorite things like Oormani (hometown) KUNDAPRA & Oor baashi (Dialect) KUNDAPRA KANNADA and the mostly used dialogues, emerging trends, design, local delicacies and cultural insights we seek to be a platform for all things that the young Kundapurians relate to.

How long have you been in business?

ForthFocus™ Group (The parent organization) is in business since Apr 8th, 2015.
First-order on OormaniAngadi was received on Apr 8th, 2018

What makes your company special?

The very concept of merchandise products for Kundapura!

What are its core values?

“ForthFocus™” – Focus on Future!
Focusing on detail.
Delivering quality.
Making a difference.

Who’s at the helm?

The company is directed by Mr. V Gautham Navada

Where are you based? We are based in Kundapura, A lovely coastal town based in Udupi Dist. of Karnataka State. Yes, you heard it right! Beaches are like 5 mins drive from our office 😊

Office Address:
ForthFocus™ Group,
1st Floor, Chinnu Compound, Near Sri Naga Bobbarya Temple,
Fish Market Road, Kundapura, Udupi. Dist.,
Karnataka, India – 576201

Registered Address:
ForthFocus™ Group
8/711-A, Behind Sri Kundeshwara Temple
Kundapura, Udupi Dist., Karnataka, India – 576201