What is Oormani Angadi?

Oormani Angadi (Hometown’s Shop in Kundagannada) is Kundapura’s First ever online store.

Oormani Angadi is a ForthFocus™ Group Web Asset and collaborative effort of ForthFocus Group, Kundapura Trolls, and Alka Creations

It’s a tribute to the most beautiful, short & sweet form of Kannada, That is Kundagannada or Kundapra Kannada dialect. We are pakka local, young, passionate, fun loving, boozy & Jugaadu. This is the underlying philosophy that guides us when we think about our content, products, and services.

Using our favorite things like Oormani (hometown) KUNDAPRA & Oor baashi (Dialect) KUNDAPRA KANNADA and the mostly used dialogues, emerging trends, design, local delicacies and cultural insights we seek to be a platform for all things that the young Kundapurians relate to.

How long have you been in business?

ForthFocus™ Group (The parent organisation) is in business from Apr 8th, 2015.
First order on OormaniAngadi was received on Apr 8th, 2018

What makes your company special?

The very concept of merchandise products for Kundapura!

What are its core values?

“ForthFocus™” – Focus on Future!
Focusing on detail.
Delivering quality.
Making a difference.

Who’s at the helm?

The company is directed by Mr. V Gautham Navada

Where are you based?

We are based in Kundapura, A lovely coastal town based in Udupi Dist. of Karnataka State. Yes, you heard it right! Beaches are like 5 mins drive from our office 😊

Office Address:
ForthFocus™ Group,
1st Floor, Chinnu Compound, Near Sri Naga Bobbarya Temple,
Fish Market Road, Kundapura, Udupi. Dist.,
Karnataka, India – 576201

Registered Address:
ForthFocus™ Group
8/711-A, Behind Sri Kundeshwara Temple
Kundapura, Udupi Dist., Karnataka, India – 576201