All In One Herbal Pest Repellent


  • Get rid of pests by a single spray

  • Repellent for Mosquitos, Ants, Heel fly, Horsefly, Housefly, Horn fly, Stable fly, honey bees, Spiders, lizard & other deadly pests.

  • Easy to use and lasts up to 6 hours

  • Formulated with pure essential oils


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Get rid of multiple pests from the natural method. Suitable for houses, shops, apartments, schools, industries, etc..

How to use:
Spray the solution to the required areas. Apply for every day or whenever needed. Apply to the areas where the flies are more like corners of the floors, dark places, were the pests were more.

Cymbopogoncitratus, Cymbopogonnardus L¸ Ocimum Basilicum, Azadirachtaindica Daucuscarota subsp. Corymbia citriodra, Base qs.


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