nana Ghee Roast Masala


You’ll be licking your lips once you have your dish prepared with nana Ghee Roast Masala.

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Chilly, Pepper, Dhania, Jeera, Cashew and Natural Spices.

How to Prepare:

Marinate ½ kg chicken in 2 tbsp thick curd and salt for half an hour. In a pan add 6 tbsp ghee, sliced garlic cloves and sliced ginger, curry leaves and 4 tbsp nana Ghee Roast Masala. Fry it till the ghee separates and gives out an aroma. The color of masala will darken to deep red. Now add marinated chicken pieces into it. Let it cook on low flame, keep stirring at regular intervals. If needed add little ghee, stir well and cook till done.

Contains no preservatives or artificial colors.

Weight0.5 kg

180 grams x 2, 45 grams x 8

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